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About Double Shovel Outfitters

Double Shovel Outfitters is a small, family owned, company based in Fairbanks Alaska. Established in 2018, we offer guided hunting, guided float expeditions and raft rentals.

Specializing in remote operations, Double Shovel Outfitters operates within three exclusive guide use areas in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge. We also outfit river trips in other remote parts of our state:  Alaska’s Brooks Range, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Western Arctic, Interior Alaska Range, and many other subArctic locations.

We strive to make remote Alaskan adventures comfortable and accessible for all skill and experience levels.

Meet Your Guide
Charlie Jagow

Charlie Jagow is a lifelong Alaskan. Born in Fairbanks, Charlie was raised living a subsistence life in the Arctic National Refuge. He  spent his adolescence in the bush running the family trapline with a dog team and snowshoes during the winter, and working as an assistant guide during the spring and fall. Starting at a young age, his passion for wild places fueled his efforts to earn a living in the woods.

At 19 Charlie purchased his first airplane and earned his pilot’s licence. Both as a guide and a resident, Alaska flying has been a central part of his life.  After working for some of the finest guides in the business, Charlie earned his Outfitters license in 2018, and founded Double Shovel Outfitters. Charlie strives to make every custom remote Arctic trips more than just bucket list events, but rather, real life touching experiences.

Double Shovel Outfitters - Alaskan Hunting Guide
Charlie Jagow - owner and guide

About the Lands

Arctic Refuge & Yukon Flats

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Founded in 1960, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is also known as ANWR. Located in north east Alaska, the refuge consists of over 19.64 million acres of wilderness. It is home to a diverse geography from the southern boreal forest, up into the heart of the Brooks Range, then north to the coastal plains. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to the Porcupine River caribou herd. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge includes the Porcupine, Coleen, Sheenjek, Chandalar, Canning, HulaHula and Kongakut river systems. Double Shovel Outfitters provides guided moose, caribou and grizzly hunts within our two ANWR hunting concessions. We also offer guided float trips on the Porcupine, Coleen and Sheenjek rivers.

Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuge

As its name implies, the Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuge includes the mighty Yukon River. Although much of the refuge is arctic wet lands it also includes part of the White Mountains and lower Porcupine River. The Yukon Flats holds a diverse wildlife population. It is home to high numbers of both grizzly and black bears, while the moose in this region are some of the largest in the state. Double Shovel Outfitters provides guided moose and grizzly hunts within our Yukon Flats hunting concessions. We also offer guided float trips on the Porcupine, Coleen and Sheenjek rivers.