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Shuttle Services & Trip Logistics

Alaskan Shuttle Services

In addition to Double Shovel Outfitter’s hunting and float trips we also offer van transportation through our shuttle service, based in Fairbanks, Alaska. There are many river systems with road access in Alaska that provide opportunities for remote packrafting, canoeing, backpacking, rafting, and float trips. Many of these rivers are ideal destinations for parties planning a remote trip without the added cost and logistics of using a flight service.

Birch Creek, a Wild and Scenic River, is notable for providing a one-week remote float trip with road access at both ends. Many of these Rivers provide a meandering path through Alaska’s remote scenic areas such as the White Mountains, the Brooks range, and Gates of the Arctic National Park.

Our most popular destination is northern Alaska’s aviation hub, Coldfoot, Alaska. Many Brooks range backpacking and Brooks range pack rafting trips end or begin in Coldfoot. Alaska’s Dalton Highway, or, the “Haul Road” (as seen in Ice Road Truckers) can be difficult to access and navigate, particularly due to rental car restrictions. Our Fairbanks shuttle service is a solution to this logistical problem. Van shuttle service includes transportation for up to 10 passengers with accommodations for personal gear, rafts, paddles, Etc. Our drop-off and pick-up shuttles are flexible and can be moved to best accommodate the details of your remote Alaskan trip.

Listed below are some of the most popular destinations for canoeing, rafting, packrafting, kayaking and backpacking in interior Alaska with road access:

Our Shuttle Service can provide drop-off or pick-ups at road access points to the those floating, packrafting or backpacking these Interior Alaska rivers:

  • Forty- Mile River
  • Charley River
  • Beaver Creek
  • Yukon River
  • Birch Creek

We can also provide shuttle services and assistance with logistics for the following Alaskan destinations:

  • Yanert River
  • Kandik River
  • Delta River
  • Chulitna River