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Brooks Range Rafting Trips

Porcupine River Float Trip
Sheenjek River Rafting – Coleen River Trip

Porcupine River Raft Trip

Join Double Shovel Outfitters on a wilderness Brooks Range river rafting trip during the long days of summer.

We offer fully guided float adventures on the upper Porcupine River in June and July. The Porcupine River is rich with geological beauty, wildlife and native history. We float approximately 75 miles of the Porcupine river, beginning in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

As the Porcupine River meanders through the steep canyons of the upper ramparts, every bend reveals a extraordinary new vistas.  The 500 feet of vertical rock cliff that encompasses the water line creates a back drop of varied colors from white, red, black and yellow.  The river changes from wide sluggish sections to narrow rapids dotted with boulders and standing waves.


As the river leaves the southern foothills of the Brooks Range, it enters the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge. The diverse boreal forest and boreal forest habitat attracts moose, caribou grizzly, black bear, wolves, wolverine, lynx, beaver and a large selection of water fowl and raptors. Anglers will appreciate opportunities to fish for arctic grayling, shellfish, whitefish, and northern pike.

This float is ideal for those who enjoy a slow-paced trip. We focus on sharing an experience of a lifetime.  We take our time and allow time to explore the area, watch for wildlife, and take pictures. Every bend of the river that we call home holds beauty and history that is worth appreciating.

Due to the many options for float plane pickup we are able customize the pace of river travel to our guests desire. Rather than being confined to a shedual in order to reach a predetermined pickup location, we are able to customize every trip. We pride ourselves in taking client care to the next level. Our comfortable and classy camps consist of canvas tents for guest quarters and a communal dinning tent. Meals are home cooked and prepared daily, we enjoy making each camp site and meal memorable. All guides are seasoned travelers of Alaska’s back country and are highly skilled at comfortable and safe bush travel.

Porcupine River Camping

The Porcupine River trip is a custom trip for one to six guests and one or two guides offered in June or July. Dates can be arranged to meet your group’s schedule. The trip length is typically 7 days.

The trip price is $6000 per person. Price includes guide, transportation to and from the river from Fairbanks, outfitting with camping and kitchen equipment, food, rafting gear, lifejackets and paddles or oars.


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New Guided Float Trips

Coleen River Rafting

Join us in exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as we float the Wild and Scenic Coleen River on the southern flanks of the Brooks Range.

Sheenjek River Trip

Discover the Wild and Scenic Sheenjek River as we raft and hike from near its headwaters in the rugged limestone peaks of the Brooks Range.

Looking for something different?
Inquire about our custom float trips on the Coleen and Sheenjek rivers!

Other Alaskan River Trip Ideas

Interested in doing your own Alaskan River trip? In addition to our guided trips on the Porcupine, Coleen, and Sheenjek, we also offer raft rentals, river trip outfitting, and shuttle services for experienced boaters who wish to explore wild Alaskan rivers on their own. 

Here are a few ideas for river trips in arctic Alaska.