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Alaska River Trip Ideas

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Alaska River Trips and Wilderness Adventures

Arctic River Guides provides professional outfitting throughout Alaska’s Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.   From river selection to the proper equipment needed, we work to meet each groups individual needs and personalize each trip.  We specialize in Arctic Alaska river trip outfitting throughout the Brooks Range, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Gates of the Arctic National Park, National Petroleum Reserve Alaska, Western Arctic and many other sub-Arctic locations.  A raft trip on the Kongakut River in the Arctic Refuge offers excellent opportunities to witness the spring migration of the Porcupine caribou herd. On the Hulahula River trip you can hike up to the alpine meadows of the Romanzof Mountains, where Dall sheep graze on new spring foliage. The Jago River crosses the arctic coastal plain as muskoxen feed along the banks of this glacial stream. The Noatak River in August offers the fall migration of the Western Arctic caribou herd and is a perfect time to watch grizzly bears feeding on luscious ripe blueberries.  If you don’t see the river you are looking for, just ask.  Arctic River Guides has been there and done that!  Arctic River Guides is always willing to help our clients explore new places and share experiences.

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