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I have had the pleasure of guiding “Doc”, my friend and client, Brian for many seasons. We have spent days up on a mountain glassing sheep, and hiked many miles across the muskegs to reach the trails of the migrating caribou. We have spent hours in the brush playing cat and mouse with the moose  and many more on a ridge watching mother nature in her glory. And yes we have spent many a night sitting around the the campfire enjoying a good Bourbon and an even better story. With every hunt we have shared there are many more stories that have been made, ones that I will enjoy sharing around the campfire for years to come.
     Brian’s fascination for Alaska and her wild places have kept him coming back year after year. He is one of the true sportsman whose yearn for the hunt is based on the love of the connection it gives us to mother nature.
   Here’s to many more future adventures my friend!